10 Useful vCloud Air Links…

I’ve spent the past few months trawling through everything vCloud Air, so I decided to post some of the useful public links I’ve found lying around the web. This should get you well on the way to moving all of your precious workloads into vCloud Air. What you waiting for?

vCloud Air Blog – A window into the minds of some of the most talented people within the vCloud Air Team. I check this everyday for interesting tidbits.


vCloud Air Home Page – Everything from service descriptions to FAQ’s, pricing calculators to deep dive solution briefs.


vCloud Air Cloud Academy – Videos and briefs on everything from vCA basics to advanced concepts and integrated solutions.


vCloud Air Documentation & Knowledge Base – Everything you need to know (and if it’s not here, you can ask me).


vCloud Air Portal – Once you’ve signed up, this is where you play.


My VMware – The centralised portal to manage vCloud Air funds, alerts, permissions, global provisioning and support requests in addition to your perpetual licensing.


Hybrid Cloud Hands On Labs (HOL) – Great way to get practical experience in a live environment with some of the tools of the trade.


vCloud Air Feature Walkthroughs – Constantly updated with new products and revisions including install, configure, manage and administration best practice walkthroughs.


vCloud Air Community Page – One of the great things about VMware has always been the strength of it’s community.


vCloud Air Market Place – A bazar (read ‘catalogue’) of supported third party solutions you can use with vCloud Air.


Edit: I’ll be adding to this list periodically as new resources come online. The below don’t make the top 10, but are useful non the less.

vCloud Air Beta Community – If you’re invited to participate in a vCA beta or early access program, this is where everybody throws their rocks at the PM’s.


GitHub / VCA-CLI – Repo for everything VCA-CLI and the pycloud SDK.



GitHub / RaaSCLI – Repo for “Recovery-as-a-Service” CLI, required for DR automation when using DR VPC.


Github / EMC GoAir – Repo for multi-platform (OS X/Docker/Linux/Windows/FreeBSD) CLI tool. Deploying machines / container and configuring network services for on-demand vCloud Air compute services.



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