vCloud Air @VMWorld 2015 pt.2

Wow. It’s been a crazy couple of months for VMware with the talking heads spewing opinion on the Dell/EMC acquisition and vCloud Air nearly spinning out into VirtuStream (sic). It’s been a real shame that all this shareholder “news” was incredibly distracting during the fantastic events that are VMWorld Barcelona and vForum Australia.

For those of you that missed the announcements here is a breakdown of the recent vCloud Air futures in addition to those from my first post.

VMware vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC) – This is not specifically a vCloud Air capability however it will be critical to the future of the platform. VIC builds upon the existing support for Photon OS , enabling support for containerised applications on vCloud Air. This is probably the most interesting innovation in VMware’s portfolio and one that I am spending a lot of time delving into to get a better understanding of what’s to come.

Have a gander at the below clip for an introduction to VIC (aka Project Bonneville)

VMware vCloud Air Monitoring Insight – Stripped down, SaaS/subscription delivery model of vROPs like monitoring. Expect operational metrics, event logs, and user-defined alarms that provide analytics into cloud service operations. These metrics provide information on the infrastructure, application health and platform performance and are also exposed via API. To be honest, this is an essential cloud operations requirement rather than an innovation, but definitely one of the most requested platform enhancements and a most welcome addition.

Enhanced Identity Access Management – Finally we can federate our Active Directory and other SAML 2.0-compliant identity services with vCloud Air. Again, table stakes in the public cloud game, but critical to automated application deployment and cloud security.

Project Michigan – This extends the capabilities of Advanced Networking Services and Hybrid Cloud Manager to all vCloud Air services. Currently HCM and ANS are only available on Dedicated Private Cloud due to the fact that this was the first platform which supported integrated NSX. Having the tools available across all platforms will be a complete game changer for VMware and cannot come soon enough…

On a side note, I had taken a taken a brief hiatus from blogging whilst I figured out what all the recent noise meant for VMware and my current role as a Cloud Specialist within this awesome company. Now the proverbial cat is out of the bag I am hoping just to get on with what I do best: Soapboxing on the technology I am passionate about and ranting about the state of IT…


Author: @Kev_McCloud

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