VMware Cloud on AWS: “A Penny for Your Hacks…”


Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.56.39 pmOK, so I know I promised to condense my list of VMWorld 2017 VMC on AWS sessions down to my favourite 5-10, however since I made the aforementioned promise it seems like a flood of features has passed us by. Whilst I am getting around to selecting the finalists for a prestigious place on my list (*wink), I want take the pulse of both VMware and AWS enthusiasts to understand how you feel the service could be used in ways other than our marketers suggest.

So what the heck do you want Kev?…

True story: Recently I ran a VMC workshop that gave me a bit of insight into the resourcefulness of AWS users and how the AWS Solution Architects were often surprised by their customers creativity. Seeing as consumption of VMware Cloud on AWS is somewhat unprecedented (being the service has only just launched) I’m keen to understand how combining the technologies can lead to some unforeseen and inspiring outcomes.

So my ask? >> Please forward me any thoughts, ideas and hacks, no matter how wacky or wild and I’ll try to recreate them in my lab and detail them right here. We might even attempt to demonstrate the most requested at a local VMUG Hackathon type thingy. Reply on the post, hit me up on Twitter @_kevops, or if you’re more of a traditionalist, kgorman@vmware.com. Never fear, every idea will be credited to it’s creator regardless of how absurd.

To get you thinking (and to give you a little more detail on the service in general) I’ve linked a couple of VMC sessions from AWS re:Invent specifically on “Unique Integrations” and a VMC Technical Deep Dive.

Enjoy!.. and happy holidays

VMware Cloud on AWS: Technical Deep Dive

VMware Cloud on AWS: A World of Unique Integrations Between VMware & AWS

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